6 Benefits of Using Weighted Vests

6 Benefits of Using Weighted Vests

When working out, it is best to change up your routines. This method is proven to be effective for strengthening your body and improving your performance. If you have been performing cardiovascular exercises like running on the treadmill, you may notice that adding variety is challenging, since you are relying on your body weight.

Benefits of Using Weighted Vests

Sometimes, the amount of energy you spend will determine how effective your workout is for you. While adding some weights on the legs can do the trick, it can cause some issues over a prolonged period.

Thankfully, there are innovations like weighted vests that artificially add some weight without any problems.

Using Weighted Vests

Just like any piece of exercise equipment, using weighted vests must always be done with caution. If you have any existing medical conditions, you may want to consult your physician first if you can subject your body to training that will use a weighted vest.

The key here is to start gradually. If this is your first time, never start with a fully loaded vest. It will provide you with the maximum effect if you allow your muscles and bones to adjust to the weight.

If you rush into using one without easing into it first, you could injure yourself and delay your goals.

Benefits of Using Weighted Vests

There are many advantages of using weighted vests. Here are some of them:

1. Help with Gait and Balance

6 Benefits of Using Weighted VestsThe use of weighted vests can help adults maintain their gait and balance, particularly for individuals diagnosed with movement disorders. The amount of weight can provide much-needed stability.

When weights are placed on the shoulder girdle, it can give spine support while adding deep pressure around the upper back and chest area. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation showed that weighted vests had improved balance training of 10 paraplegic individuals.

2. Alleviate Sensory Issues

Weighted vests have been widely used for their effects on sensory responses. Individuals experiencing anxiety noted an increased reduction of stress levels once they wear weighted vests because of the deep pressure.

Similarly, the pressure afforded by these vests helps individuals with sensory perception issues to feel calmness quickly. As the force acts on the central nervous system, individuals can improve their processing of sensory information. This way, they can perform daily tasks with ease.

3. Improve Strength and Endurance

Running with additional weight on your body means that you have to exert more effort. As such, your body will need to spend more energy and help you build your endurance. For instance, many physically demanding jobs like FBI recruits usually undergo a fitness test to check their strength and endurance.

One of the routines would require recruits to wear weighted vests when they are doing pull-ups. Wearing one will make the routine much more challenging since they have to overcome gravity.

The same is true when wearing weighted vests when running – the cardiovascular demand would be much higher, even if the running speed is way slower. This increase in cardiovascular intensity will depend on the weight of the vest.

4. Gain Muscle Mass

When you add more weight to your workout, your muscles will begin to work harder. Having an intense strength training workout and causing your muscles to fatigue will cause them to respond by bulking up.

This response is necessary so that they can match up to the level of training you’re subjecting your body to. In short, the harder you push your body, the better your bodily response will be. Remember not to overdo your workout, and to stop when you’re tired to avoid injury.

5. Burn Excess Fat and Lose Weight

The use of weighted vests can help you create a higher oxygen deficiency. When this happens, your cardiovascular system will work double-time to supply the lungs and muscles with oxygenated blood.

This means that for the body to meet the energy demand, it will need to burn more calories. When you burn more calories and burn excess fat, it is easier for you to lose weight.

6. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Adding weight to your trunk will result in workouts that target your core abdominal muscles. Sometimes, people will wear weighted vests even when they are at home doing their chores, as it helps them tighten their core.


Should you decide to use weighted vests, it is also essential to understand when and where you can wear them.

While they may be perfect for some home workouts like walking, running, and pull-ups, they may not be recommended for some activities such as biceps curls.

6 Benefits of Using Weighted Vests


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