Simple Ways to Meditate at Work

Simple Ways to Meditate at Work

Meditation as a whole has been growing in popularity for the last little while, with numerous studies regarding the benefits being done but meditation has actually been around for centuries. The practice of becoming one with your soul, clearing your mind and recognizing your importance on this Earth has been practiced by multiple cultures around the globe in some shape or form.

Why you should meditate at work

Meditation is an excellent stress reducer and a way to lower blood pressure, boost immune systems and even stay in shape when combined with another form of less-strenuous activity, such as yoga.

With all this in mind – it is no wonder that people are starting to look for ways to meditate at work.

Let’s Look Deeper

A career can be one of the leading causes of stress in someone’s life; as deadlines approach, projects are due and coworkers tend to butt heads about how a task should be dealt with, meditation can be a way to reduce said stress immensely while still on the job.

While it can be hard to have a full meditation session during working hours, especially if you are in a shared office, there are ways to squeeze in a few mantras and/or breathing exercises.

Find a Space

The first thing to do if you are planning to practice a short but effective meditation routine while at work is to find a space. You want a quiet space that is not in use by other people.

If you have your own office with a door – then you have your quiet space. If you don’t? Then a bit of creativity is needed.

Think of spaces that do not experience frequent foot traffic, such as:

  • An empty office where the employees are allowed to go.
  • A filing or photocopy room.
  • In worst-case scenarios – the bathroom if it’s a private one.

Allot Your Time

Schedule at least 15 minutes into your daily routine for meditation routines. This is all you’ll need to feel the positive effects on the body and the mind.

Set five minutes for breathing, five minutes for mantras and five minutes for coming out of your meditative state.

If you are unable to gauge how long you spent on each section – set an alarm for the full 15 minutes and instead go through intervals of breathing, mantras, and slowly coming alert.

This will allow you to have the full experience without being late for work.

Essential Oils and Meditation

While most workplaces are scent-free due to sensitivities or allergies; there are still ways to combine your essential oils and meditation while at work. There will be a light scent but nothing that should cause a negative reaction in your co-workers.

Instead of using essential oils in a diffuser; use them as the base of light perfume. Dilute them with a carrier oil, such as coconut or sunflower oil, or lower their potency in terms of scent with water.

Wondering what the best essential oils for perfumes would be? Then click here.

Tips for Desk Meditation

If you are unable to find an empty room or it is impossible to get away from your desk; try one of the following to practice simple meditation while at work:

  • Focus on your breathing. Inhale deeply, count to ten and exhale slowly to regain focus and control. Let yourself feel your chair against your back, your desk against your arms and your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • If you are aware of a busy and stressful day coming up later in the week or month; schedule yourself to arrive at work approximately 20 to 30 minutes early. This allows for meditation time before the day starts and will allow you to gain a better focus on the tasks that must be accomplished before the end of the workday.
  • Place your hand above your pelvic bone (on the lower stomach) and place your left hand over your heart. Spend a couple of minutes with your eyes averted from your computer, paperwork, and telephone while just breathing. Allow for deep inhales and exhales to release any tension that can be felt while repeating in your mind all the positives about your chosen career.


Stress can be a cause of numerous health problems – both physical and mental – so it is important to reduce stress whenever and wherever you can in your life.

Taking a proactive approach on your stress management can teach you the skills needed or wanted to control your life, your health and even your daily interactions with people.

Take a few moments during your coffee or lunch break, go for a small walk around the building and practice your simple ways to meditate at work.

Things will be clearer; your focus will be greater, and your overall mood will be ten times better.

What do you have to lose? Especially when you think of all you have to gain!


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