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These leg pain relief exercises are easy to do anywhere. Since they are all done seated, they’re great if you aren’t ready for standing exercises, or if you just want a simple way to keep your legs moving throughout the day. Watch more Dr. Jo leg exercises:

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These 9 leg pain relief exercises do a great job of working your leg muscles.

Starting with heel/toe raises, hip flexion, and long arc quads (LAQ) or knee extensions, seated hip abductions, and seated hip external rotations will help get the blood circulating in your legs.

Once those become easy, you can add a resistive band to make it a little more challenging. Hip flexion and hip abduction rollouts with a band are great for strengthening the legs and hips.

Finally hip external rotation (ER) and hip internal rotation (IR) with a band are more challenging because they work the smaller hip muscles.

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Seated Leg Pain Relief Exercises:

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