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How to create your own WORKOUT PLAN | For SHORT GIRLS (5’4” and shorter)

Hi Smalletes!

Last week you requested a video (on my Instagram @smalletics) on How to Build Your Own Workout Program in the gym (sort of like a DIY Workout Plan), so here’s how you can do just that! Because this video is a bit long, I’ve created a table on contents for your ~viewing ease~. Welcs!

THE PETITE STRENGTH PLAN #TPSP launches on Kickstarter at the end of this month (April)! For updates, sign up here:

Table of Contents

0:30 Overview, who this video is for
1:20 When you can’t afford a personal trainer

1:45 PART 1: Goal Setting
2:29 Popular kinds of resistance training + goals
5:31 Note to any fencers who are watching
5:41 Today we’re focusing on functional fitness as a goal
6:05 Factors that will affect your program and results
7:11 How does training work scientifically and the SAID Principle
8:09 Why picking random workouts off YouTube won’t work

8:34 PART 2: Considerations for petite women / short girls
8:44 How height and metabolism are correlated
9:20 What this really means for you
10:35 The two ways to boost our metabolisms
10:56 Equipment size and modality
12:00 Machines versus free weights
13:56 Total body workouts versus training splits
15:02 A note about cardio for petites

16:19 PART 3: Programming your training
16:26 Progressive overload
16:58 Why you don’t need to spend hours in the gym
17:27 Step 1: Select a small number of highly effective exercises
17:48 A formula for how to build a training plan
18:30 Example workout
20:22 There’s no one “best” way to getting fit
21:52 Supersets & trisets
21:09 Exercise pairing
21:53 Step 2: Select # reps and # sets
22:42 How to choose the correct weight for you
24:04 Rest sets
24:50 Step 3: How and when to progress your weights
25:21 Journaling
25:58 A list of accessory exercises to get you started

26:44 Summary
27:14 The Petite Strength Plan
27:22 If you’d rather not do all this work yourself…!
28:27 My workout routine
29:19 Final advice


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Smalletics is the collective voice of petite women who seek a healthy lifestyle. Founded by fellow petite and NASM-CPT April Whitney.



The Petite Strength Plan Coming Spring 2018

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