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Exercises for Parkinson’s: Strengthening Exercises

Growing older means your muscles get weaker. For people with Parkinson’s, this weakness in muscles is often greater. Hence, it is important to include strength training as part of your regular exercise programme. Join us in these basic exercises designed to help improve strength and balance.

Tips before starting STRENGTHENING exercises
00:00 Importance of strength training
00:46 How to exercise safely
11:07 General Advice

Advance level tips for STRENGTHENING exercises
03:15 Adding resistance
03:38 Holding a resistance band
10:20 Safety precautions for resistance band
12:00 Strength training Checklist

Strengthening LOWER LIMBS
01:30 Sit to stand
01:59 Heel raises
02:23 Lateral step-up
02:47 Half squats sliding down a wall (Half squats)

Strengthening UPPER LIMBS with Resistance Bands
04:10 Seated shoulder row
04:51 Seated bench press
05:20 Lateral shoulder raise
05:50 Seated elbow curls

Strengthening LOWER LIMBS with Resistance Bands
06:20 Hip flexors
07:01 Hip extensors
07:38 Hip abductors

Exercises done SEATED or LYING DOWN
08:00 Bridging
08:29 Seated Hip abduction
08:48 Seated leg press
09:24 Seated foot raise
09:52 Seated heel raise

* If you are unsure whether these exercises are suitable for you, please consult your physiotherapist.

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SingHealth would like to thank the Parkinson Society Singapore for their support in the production of the video. Website:

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