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Women’s Health EOR Exam Review

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In this video, I review the Blueprint Topics for your Women’s health end of rotation exam. I also provide tips on how I studied for the exam and what I used to study for the EOR. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in this video, so feel free to comment below! Also if you have any cool mnemonics on how you remembered information for the exam feel free to comment below to help other students! I hope this video was helpful please comment below for questions or concerns! This will help me guide future videos and provide better content in them.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – What I used to study for the EOR and study tools I recommend
08:15 – The menstrual cycle
11:18 – Menstruation disorders
39:55 – STD’s
01:06:01 – Neoplasms
01:35:19- Structural Abnormalities
02:10:59 – Prenatal care and normal pregnancy
02:36:18 – Pregnancy complications
03:03:13 – Labor and Delivery complications
03:14:00 – Postpartum care

Sources of information discussed in the video:
The PA Rotation Exam Review ⬇️

PANCE Prep Pearls ⬇️

What I used to study:
– Osmosis Link 📚
– SmartyPANCE 🦠 –
– Rosh Review Questions 🩺

🟢🟢Studying for your EOR exams, check out my other EOR exam review videos for other rotations:

For Memorization:
Picmonic Link for Pharmacology memorization 💊
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