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9 BEST Exercises for a BIGGER Back (DUMBBELLS ONLY!)

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These are the 9 best back exercises for a thicker & wider back. Build a bigger back at home with the use of only one dumbbell. This is a perfect back workout even if you don’t have access to traditional gym equipment. 

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The back is primarily made up of 5 groups of muscles. One of the largest are Your traps which include an upper, middle, and a lower portion. Then along your upper back in between your shoulder blades, you have your rhomboids which are responsible for bringing your shoulders back and they contribute quite a bit to the shape and thickness of your upper back. Moving out to the sides as part of your upper back you have your posterior deltoids or the back portions of your shoulders. As we move down the spine we hit the lats which are also very large and powerful back muscles that are crucial for adducting the shoulders or pulling the arms down. And underneath all that lies your erector spinae, a deep tissue back muscle mostly responsible for flexing and stabilizing the spine. And believe it or not, we can Target all of these muscles very effectively by only using dumbbells, so I want to show you the nine best dumbbell back exercises that you can do anywhere even if you don’t have access to a gym and ill go over sets and reps at the end for a complete workout plan right in your own home. So let’s start first with an exercise that can be super effective even if your dumbbells aren’t very heavy the long angle suit case row. Begin this exercise you’re going to grab two dumbbells and stand with your feet about hip-width apart or you can even stand with them touching, but you definitely want to make sure that your stance isn’t too wide or else you’ll be hitting your knees with the dumbbells on every rep. Hold dumbbells to your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades nice and tight together so that you have a big chest that’s pointing straight ahead. Then bend down until your back is about at a 60-degree angle from the floor and make sure that you maintain a neutral spine and don’t allow your lower back to round forward. Also, relax your shoulders to allow both dumbbells to hang straight down. From that position, you’re going to row both dumbbells back by driving your elbows towards the ceiling, but instead of rowing straight back like you would with regular suitcase Rows you’re going to aim to bring the dumbbells further back towards your hips. By doing this you’re going to create a longer lever length allowing you to hit your lats and the back of your shoulders in a unique way that requires significantly less weight to be effective. Then lower back down and repeat for reps making sure to really squeeze your shoulder blades together every time you bring the dumbbells up. 
Up next we’re going to use the dumbbells for bent over high rows. This exercise will primarily target the upper part of your back and the back of your shoulders. You’re going to start by standing just like before with feet hip-width a big chest and the dumbbells hanging straight down but with this exercise, you want to bend a little further down so that your back is just slightly above or right about parallel with the floor. From here instead of rowing the dumbbells back with your elbows nice and tight to your ribs you want to open up the space between your arms by lifting your elbows away from your body as you pull them back toward the ceiling. At the same time as you raise the dumbbells, you are going to turn your hand from a neutral position to a pronated position with your knuckles facing forward. Really make sure you squeeze your upper back at the top by imagining that your trying to hold a pencil in between your shoulder blades at the top of each rep. Then slowly lower the dumbbells back down as you turn your hands back to the neutral position and repeat for reps. Due to the angle that you’re performing this exercise at and the reduced amount of lat involvement in the movement you once again don’t need very heavy weights for this one to be effective.
Another great compound exercise that works almost every muscle in your body and most people don’t know is amazing for developing your back is the single-arm dumbbell snatch. You going to start by bending your knees and squatting down then grabbing a dumbbell with a pronated or overhand grip. The dumbbells should be hanging in between your feet and your hips should be just about parallel with the ground. From there you’ll want to explode upward and quickly Drive the dumbbell towards the ceiling as you drive through your legs and stand straight up….

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