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Over 50s Beginners | Full Body | Hiit Cardio Workout

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Over 50s Beginners | Full Body | Hiit Cardio Workout-Welcome to 4by4 circuits beginners over 50s workout. This over 50s body weight circuit is 20 minutes long and you need no equipment just body weight exercises.

This Full body over 50s workout can be performed at home or in a hotel or anywhere with a small space. So dont waste time and get started now and achieve the fitness goals that you deserve.

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Have a great workout people!!!!!

Before undertaking this full body cardio workout i do advice that you complete a warm up THERE IS ONE PROVIDED BELOW.


In order to burn make this core workout effective YOU MUST BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT!!!!

Warm up:

Exercises: Round 1
30 seconds- Upper Cuts
30 seconds- Box Shuffle Shuffle Back
30 seconds- Heel Flicks
30 seconds-Jogging

Exercises: Round 2
30 Seconds- Knee To Elbow
30 Seconds Squat Turns
30 Seconds Side Reach Turns
30 Seconds Squat Knee Raises

MUSIC PROVIDED BY: Rob Mitsui YouTube channel

SONG: Ehrling best of mix saxophone.



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