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4 Exercises To Hit Every Muscle (BODYWEIGHT ONLY)

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4 Exercises to Hit Every Muscle

When you’re busy and short on time, it can feel impossible to squeeze in your workouts.

But there are ways to keep yourself moving forward and stay in a routine even when your schedules crazy.

You just need to create efficient and quick workouts. That means focusing more on full-body workouts, especially if you’re training less frequently while using moves that work more muscle groups at once!

That’s why I wanted to share these 4 amazing bodyweight exercises to basically hit every muscle in one workout!

They are a great way to get in a quick and efficient workout even when you’re super short on time!

Try This 15-Minute Full-Body Blast

Set a timer for 30 intervals of work and complete 6 rounds through the circuit below, resting for 30 seconds between rounds. Complete as many reps in each interval of work as you can and record what you do between rounds to try and beat it the next round through.

30 seconds Get Up to Front Angled Lunge
30 seconds Mountain Climber Row Push Up
30 seconds Lying Scapular Presses
30 seconds Forearm Plank Bird Dog
30 seconds Rest

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