【ENG SUB】Sweet Tai Chi EP01 | Bi Wen Jun, Sun Qian | Woman of Tai Chi Badass【Fresh Drama】

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Feng Piao Piao seems to be quite grateful for the whole world – artistic, well-read, musically-inclined, and always carrying a book with her. But between the tomes are hidden manhwa, and all her paintings and calligraphy are actually made by her grandfather. When she accidentally saves a classmate Wei Chu with Tai Chi learned from her grandfather, she realizes that her skills are far more advanced than she had thought…

Genres: Modern Drama, Rom-Com

Subtitles: English [CC]

Audio languages: Chinese

Director: Andy Luo

Bi Wen Jun as Wei Chu
Sun Qian as Feng Piao Piao
Jia Zheng Yu as Bai Hai Yang
Ding Ze Ren as Chen Bing

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