Fitness Workout for Men

Full Gym Back Workout For Men Over 40 (4 BEST EXERCISES!)

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If you are someone that goes to the gym, this video is going to be just for you. I am going to give you a full gym back workout for you guys over 40. For the past couple years, home workouts have become more popular. Now, I am starting to see more people going to the gym. Going to the gym opens up more opportunities to work your back differently with all the different kinds of equipment that is available to you. This workout consists of 4 different exercises, and you are going to do 2-4 sets with 8-12 reps. Let’s get started with this gym back workout for men over 40.

Exercise #1: LAT PULLDOWN. You can use a variety of different grips for this exercise. If you have shoulder issues, I recommend using a neutral grip. If you don’t have shoulder problems, it is okay to switch up your grip. Get a deep stretch then contract at the bottom of the movement.

Exercise #2: STANDING STRAIGHT ARM LAT PULLDOWN. This will get a lot of blood pumping into your lats. Keep your core tight and elbows locked when doing this exercise. You should not feel a burn in your triceps during this exercise, so lower the weight if you need to and make sure you are using your lats only.

Exercise #3: SEATED CABLE ROW. I recommend using dual handles instead of using a straight bar because it helps you have a better range of motion. Focus on driving back with your elbows, squeeze your shoulder blades in the back, and slowly release the stretch.

Exercise #4: RACK PULLS. Set the bar about 2 inches below your knee, use an overhand grip, and typically save this exercise for the end of your workout. If you do this early in the workout, it is going to take a lot of your energy before you finish your workout.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the full gym back workout for you guys over 40. Give this workout a try the next time you are at the gym. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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