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Ready to get some bigger more obnoxious arms?

I wanted to run through a workout the way I did in the 30 day program because these videos are fun to film. You give someone the exact sets & reps and all they have to do is figure out the weight to get an incredible workout.

Cable Curls “arms tucked in & leaned forward” + Cable Drags:
-4 Sets / (Curls) 20 Reps + (Drags) Whatever you can get
Skull Crushers “elbow at 45 degrees” + Hybrid press/skull crusher:
-4 Sets / (Skulls) 20 Reps + (Hybrid) Failure
Incline Curls “long head” + Incline Curls “Short Head”:
-4 Sets / (Long) 20 Reps + (Short) Failure
Rope Tri-set “French Press | Regular Extensions | Partials w/ rotation”:
-4 Sets / (French) 20 Reps + (Regular) 20 Reps + (Partial) Failure
Bodyweight Bar French Press SS Bodyweight Bar Curls:
-3 Sets “no rest in-between sets” / Both to Failure

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