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20 minute Balance, Cardio, Strength Workout | Seniors, Beginners

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This 20 minute all in one workout includes a Warm Up, Balance Work, Cardio and Strength Work, and Cooldown. The Cardio and Strength portion of the workout has three sets of heart pumping cardio in 30 second rounds and two sets of upper body strength work.

The workout can be done with bodyweight only or weights during the Strength segment.

Balance Work
✅ Toe tap forward and back
✅ Knee up with Opposite Hand Touch

Cardio Work – 30 second rounds
✅ Double mini squat/Arms Up
✅ Skater with Side Punches
✅ Knee Up with Opposite Arm Up
✅ Arms Up with Turns Right, Center and Left

Strength Work
✅ Overhead Press
✅ Overhead Press with Bicep Curl
✅ Row
✅ Row with Tricep Kickback

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