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Drinking Smoothies Every Day Would Do This To Your Body

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When was the last time you drank a smoothie? A smoothie is typically a drink made by mixing fruits or vegetables in a blender. There are a million types of smoothies to choose from.

While they do have several health benefits, drinking too many smoothies can have negative effects on your health. Today we’ll explore both. Let’s talk about what drinking smoothies everyday does to your body. Does it raise your blood sugar? Are they really all that filling? How many vitamins do smoothies supply? Wait, do they take away cravings? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Too Many Calories? – 00:32
An Increase In Blood Sugar – 02:09
Your Digestion Improves – 03:36
A Stronger Immune System – 04:26
Protein Overload – 05:23
They Will Make You Hungry – 06:31
Say Goodbye To Your Cravings – 07:04


1. Too Many Calories?
Hearing that smoothies are jam-packed with calories is hard for some to digest. No pun intended. Now how many calories is the average smoothie? Well it depends.

2. An Increase In Blood Sugar
Due to the excess sugar in many smoothies, regular drinkers can experience a massive spike in their blood sugar.

3. Your Digestion Improves
Let’s talk about one of the positive effects for a second. When you’re on a regular smoothie diet, your digestion will improve. This is one of the main reasons health freaks drink smoothies so much.

4. A Stronger Immune System
If you’re experiencing health difficulties, a daily smoothie can be good for you. Smoothies contain vitamins and other nutrients that will boost your immune system.

5. Protein Overload
The right kind of smoothie will help you pack on the protein. This is why so many fitness junkies have a smoothie after a workout.

6. They Will Make You Hungry
This is one of the more annoying effects of a smoothie diet, but it still should be mentioned.

7. Say Goodbye To Your Cravings
Because of all the nutrients smoothies can possess, a lot of the inner cravings you have for junk food will go away.

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