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7 Exercises to Grow a bigger BACK | Full workout & Top Tips

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Another back workout showing you my Top 7 exercises to build a big Back with all my top tips.


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Prep work
Scap Pull Ups 2 x 10

1. Pull Overs – 3 sets x 10 (3rd set is a drop set of 10 x 10) @ 3sec Tempo each set.

2: Pull ups 4 sets x 10 @ 3 sec Tempo;
1st set wide grip
2nd set narrow grip
3rd set wide grip, perform 3 negatives once you finish 10 reps
4th narrow grip, 3 negatives once you finish 10 reps

3a Lat Pull down 3 x 10 (2-3sec Tempo)
3b High rows 3 x 8-10 (3sec Tempo)

4a: Single Arm Rows 3 x 10 (3rd set is a drop set 10 x 10) @ 3sec Tempo
4b: Seated GM 3 x 12 ( 2 – 3 sec Tempo)

5th: Seated Single Arm R 2 x 10 (3rd and 4th set is a Dropset of 10x10x10)

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