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Now Accepting Clients for Brain Circuit Training Program October 2022

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Coaching Application: https://www.techforpsych.com/application-form

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

What equipment will I need for the course? You will need a 1. a smartphone or tablet (both Android and Apple softwares are compatible. 2. Muse Headband 3. Myndlift auxiliary electrode 4. EEG paste 5. Rubbing alcohol swabs

I already have a Muse Headband, can I use that? Yes, as long as it is functional. Muse 1 (2016 version), Muse 2 and Muse S will all work with this program How do I get the Myndlift equipment? I will be sending you the Myndlift electrode, EEG paste and some alcohol swabs to use. Please let me know if you think there will be any international shipping issues in getting you the equipment.

I don’t have any equipment, what do I do? I will send you a Muse Headband and the Myndlift electrode as a rental to use during the program. You can either decide to buy the headset from me after a trial, or return it after you have finished use (3 months maximum).

What kind of individualized feedback will I receive? Your brainwaves will be analyzed by me personally. I will film a short video to send to you for analysis. Any questions will be answered. We then will meet for group discussions.

What resources will I have between group calls? In addition to the materials available in the online course, we will be doing a group chat on WhatsApp. You will have direct access to Dr. Cody and other group members. Often we share experiences, reading material and other experiences throughout the BCT experience.

What are the group sessions like? I do have a format of review for brain patterns that I give during the sessions. Your data will not be shared with other group members without your consent. I may ask individual group members to share their data with the group for everyone’s education. Towards the end of sessions, we break out into more free-form so that people can describe individual experiences, ask questions and think out-loud about what they learned.

How much time commitment will this take? I recommend doing at least 10 sessions every two weeks. At least 30 minutes should be set aside daily for completing your sessions. Feel free to do more sessions for more data. The more data we have, the better we will understand how your brain is responding to a specific module.

When will we meet for group sessions? Generally I find that people can best meet in the evenings for group sessions. The majority of my clients live in North America, so it tends to be anywhere between 5-9PM EST. When we assemble the group, I will take a poll to see what time is most convenient for everyone. The group sessions will be recorded and be available for review throughout the course.

How much meditation experience is needed for the course? Generally I recommend this course for people that have at least some experience with sitting down and trying to meditate. If you are early in your practice, this program can serve as an early course-correct to make sure you do not develop any bad habits. If you are an advanced meditator, this program can unveil some nuances of your brain that you didn’t know before and help you go even deeper!

Can this course treat my medical problems to include ADHD, Depression or Anxiety?- I cannot legally claim that this program is treatment for any diagnosable mental health problems. If you are experiencing significant mental health issues, please seek treatment by a professional outside of this course. This is intended as a health and wellness program. That being said, meditation training is widely accepted as a supportive and adjunct practice that can help to improve results of other treatments that you may be receiving.

Can you, Cody Rall M.D., as a medical doctor, treat my medical problems to include ADHD, Depression or Anxiety? I still practice Psychiatry through a telemedicine company. I am not currently accepting any medical patients from Youtube or the Brain Circuit Training Program at this time. Most of this is due to state licensure constraints (I have to be licensed in the country/state that you live in). One day I will likely have a private practice for referrals, but I am focusing on the health/wellness space for now in regards to the Techforpsych business.

Coaching Application: https://www.techforpsych.com/application-form

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