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Men Over 50 Fitness – Fantasy vs Reality

Products You May Like As a man turning 60 years old this year, I understand how time just goes by and we are out of shape before we know it. If you have had a rude awakening lately, by seeing a pic of yourself or an non flattering comment from a friend, then you know what I mean.

It does not take long with a busy schedule to stop working out and eating right, to pack on the pounds. I look in the mirror everyday, but didn’t see it, until someone else took a picture of me. I was shocked and disappointed.

I thought fitness was important to me, but without time to go the the gym daily and anyone to hold you accountable, it can easily slip away.

A challenge group is a great way to get all of the encouragement, support and accountability you need, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to learn more click on the link above or contact me direct.

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