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Check out these amazing improvements from our Pro Day ATHletes! Learn more about each athlete below.

Pro Day 2023 Stats

We wanted to give a shout-out to our 2023 Pro Day ATHlete roster. These collegiate and professional athletes came to ATH to sharpen their skills and take them to the next level with one goal in mind: get drafted into the NFL. After college football, these athletes prepare for months leading up to Combine and Pro Days in the hopes of being scouted and ATH is here to help them get noticed. With rigorous training programs consisting of up five days a week for up to eight weeks (or more), our mission is to help them get faster, get stronger and perform to their peak performance at these events. We’re immensely proud of the work these players have put in while training at ATH and wish them the best of luck!

Wylan Free

Wylan Free

Instagram: @w__free

  • Position: Center Back
  • Goals: 
    • Keep faith in God
    • Make an NFL team
    • Inspire the youth
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: 
    • Pick 6 against New Mexico State
  • Quote: “The highest human act is to inspire” – Nip Hussle
  • Inspirational figure growing up: My mom

Jay Griffin

Jay Griffin IV

Instagram: _jaygriffiniv 

  • Position: Wide Receiver  
  • Goals:
    • Be the MVP of the ELF this season
    • Go to the NFL
  • Alma Mater: Northwestern State 
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: Winning the New Mexico Bowl my freshman year
  • Quote: “Dedication makes the dreams come true”
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Kobe Bryant

Blaine Hoover

Blaine Hoover

Instagram: @thehoov_

  • Position: Defensive Lineman 
  • Goals:
    • Be in top shape for pro day
    • Make NFL Camp
  • Alma Mater: Tarleton State/Incarnate Word 
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: Winning conference championship in 2021 for the Southland Conference  
  • Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt 
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Terrel Owens

Manase Mose

Manase Mose

Instagram: @manasemose_

Twitter: manasemose_

  • Position: Center
  • Goals: 
    • Open my own gym to help athletes develop
    • Start an NFL game
    • Be able to support family and friends when needed
  • Alma Mater: University of North Texas
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: Pulling and knocking a player down
  • Quote: “Don’t stop when you’re done. Stop when you’re finished.”
  • Inspirational figure growing up: My Brothers

Darius Nash

Darrius Nash

Instagram: @iinfamous.nash

Twitter: infamous_nash

  • Position: Defensive Back
  • Goals: 
    • Play in the NFL
    • Start a non-profit to help single parent / low income households keep kids involved in sports
    • Buy my mom a house
  • Alma Mater: Utah Tech
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: 95 yard pick 6 on Senior Day
  • Quote: You’re closer to where you want to be than when you started.
  • Inspirational figure growing up: My mom

Dom Peterson

Dom Peterson

Instagram: @Dom_______

Twitter: IAmDomPeterson

  • Position: Defensive Line
  • Goals: 
    • Move generational wealth
    • Give back to those who took care of me
  • Alma Mater: University of Nevada Reno
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: All my sacks
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Aaron Donald

ONeil “Buzz” Robinson

ONeil “Buzz” Robinson

Instagram: @chillbuzzy

Twitter: _Omelly860

  • Position: Safety
  • Goals: 
    • Make it to the pros
    • Take care of my family
    • Get the best out of life
  • Alma Mater: University of Rhode Island
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: Scoring a touchdown in my last college game
  • Quote: “You gone eat or you cone starve”
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Randy Moss / Ed Reed


JuanCarlos Santana

Instagram: @santanajuancarlos5

Twitter: Jc_Santana_

  • Position: Wide Reciever
  • Goals: 
    • NFL Career
    • Film Career
  • Alma Mater: Tulsa University
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: 6 seconds left Hail Mary catch
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Michael Jackson, Randy Moss

James Tupou

James Tupou

Instagram: @tupou31 

Twitter: tupou54

  • Position: Full Back
  • Football Goals:  
    • Make it in the league as special teams player
    • Make a team
  • Life Goals: Be successful in any strength and conditioning career path
  • Alma Mater: UTEP
  • Favorite football moment/highlight: The opening touchdown against UTSA 2022 and double block against UNT 2019
  • Quote: “Find comfort in fatigue” – Steve Johnson
  • Inspirational figure growing up: My Father

Sione Tupuo

Sione Tupou

Instagram: Stupou5

Twitter: Sione_t32

  • Position: Linebacker
  • Goals: 
    • Make it onto any team
    • Build financial stability for my current & future family
    • Start a career and flourish
  • Alma Mater: Texas State University
  • Favorite football moment/highlight:
    • First Int. vs Baylor 
    • Game winning performance versus South Alabama
  • Quote: Jeremiah 29:11
  • Inspirational figure growing up: Junior Seau, Bob Marley, My Grandparents

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