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Whether you’re a licensed therapist, a psychiatric doctor, or a curious reader, you’ll enjoy these recent research headlines in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. 

Hobbies and Healthy Habits Surged During the Pandemic

-Rutgers University-New Brunswick

‘I feel like I’m suffocating’: what’s driving suicidal thoughts in the Australian construction industry?

-University of South Australia

ADHD Behind the Wheel: Ways to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

-Saint Louis University Medical Center

How effective is Functional Family Therapy for addressing youth behavior problems?


UTHealth Houston study on seasonality of teen suicidality in JAMA Network Open

-University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Bipolar disorder linked to 6-fold heightened risk of early death from external causes


CSUF Study Examines Ways to Deter Cheating Online

-California State University, Fullerton

Training staff on low intensity psychological interventions for mental health conditions can cut workplace sickness

-Swansea University

Study Shows Differences in How Patients With Heroin Use Disorder Process Drug and Reward Cues

-Mount Sinai Health System

Men ‘less satisfied with life’ when their female partner is the only earner – new study

-University of Bath

Positive contact with diverse groups can reduce belief in conspiracy theories about them

-University of Nottingham

Significant rise in ADHD diagnoses in the UK

-University College London

In determining what’s true, Americans consider the intentions of the information source

-Boston College

Political Apathy Spreads from Parents to Adolescent Children

-Florida Atlantic University

Fitness Workout for Men

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