Hannah Eden Creates Badass Workouts for Men and Women | Triple Threat 4-Week Fitness Plan

Hannah Eden wants to be known as a female trainer who creates badass workouts that will kick everyone’s ass—guy or girl.
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Hannah’s relentless approach to conditioning is inspired by the transformation that fitness wrought in her life.
“It helped me break down any mental barrier that I ever had, any challenge that I ever had,” she says. While she has competed at a high level in CrossFit, the Pump Fit brand and gym created by this 25-year-old trainer isn’t just another box.

| Triple Threat Hybrid Training Program |
Ready to level up your training? Hybrid training combines heavy barbell lifts, conditioning, and bodybuilding into one high-octane training protocol. Your coaches, RSP athletes Hannah Eden, Curtis Bartlett, and Kieon Dorsey, will take turns kicking your ass to develop muscle, strength, and the agility of a true athlete.

| Take Your Fitness to the Next Level |
The workouts alternate between strength training, bodybuilding, and conditioning, then combine all three training styles for weekly hybrid workouts. You’ll squat, bench press, and deadlift to build strength; you’ll perform isolation movements for hypertrophy; you’ll sweat your face off with conditioning training; and you’ll become a better athlete than you’ve ever been.

| Expert Instruction |
Every workout includes a video from one of your coaches with training tips and a breakdown of the movements you’ll do. The exercises are also accompanied by demonstration videos with precise instructions and form cues.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
The beauty of hybrid training is its versatility. You can use this workout plan to either build muscle or lose weight. You’ll receive a choice of nutrition and supplement recommendations designed to support your individual physique goals.


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