15 x 15 x 15 Workouts For Older Men HOME Workout #1

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1. Jump Rope – 15 seconds (30 reps)

2. Squats with two 15-pound dumbbells (3 Positions) – 15 reps

3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows (Lunge Position) – 15 reps EACH

4. Pushups – 15 reps

5. Shoulder Presses (Standing) – 15 reps

6. Lateral Raises – 15 reps

7. Biceps Curls (Swiss Ball) – 15 reps

8. Overhead Triceps Extensions (Standing) – 15 Reps

9. Ab Crunches (Swiss Ball) – 15 reps




I break it down for you. Simply and effectively.

“WOW! Thank you VERY much! There is so much that you offer I am literally blown away. I listened to several hours of the Workouts For Older Men program which usually is hard for me to sit and do. But I couldn’t get enough.” — Dutch

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About Skip La Cour

So, you can’t work out in your commercial gym during this Coronavirus quarantine? But you need to exercise during this time.

What do you do?

You find a workout at home for men. That’s what you do. You want to find a home workout circuit that’s simple, effective, not too taxing on your immune system, and doesn’t take a lot of time. Now that you’re a little older, you want to find a dumbbell home workout that taxes your muscles without needing all the equipment that your commercial gym you can’t go to anymore has. Even better, you want to find a simple, dumbbell home workout for men.

The 15 x 15 x 15 Workouts For Older Men HOME Workout is perfect for you if you’re an older man with a limited amount of equipment. This home workout plan only requires a few pieces of equipment. All you need for this workout are two 15 pound dumbbells, a stability (Swiss) ball, and a jump rope.

Is there such a thing as a quarantine workout? How about a quarantine workout older men? That would be even better, wouldn’t it?

In this video, I’ll present a home workout for men. I know there are a lot of home workouts for men out there. Which of the home workout videos are best for you?

The 15 x 15 x 15 Workouts For Older Men is a perfect workout routine for a 55 year old man. It’s great exercise for a 60 year old man too. This 15 min workout full body system doesn’t require a lot of time. You don’t want to compromise your immune system too much during this Coronavirus quarantine. You want to be smart about your approach to exercise and health.

This is basically a home workout with dumbbells. It’s a dumbbell full body workout. That’s all the weight you’ll need. It’s not enough to overload the muscle for growth even with the 15 repetitions. But that’s okay. You don’t want to concern yourself with that right now. The 15 x 15 x 15 Workouts For Older Men HOME Workouts is a full body workout with dumbbells. This is a dumbbell workouts at home. This is a dumbbell workouts for men. For the reason previously mentioned, this is a dumbbell workouts for older men.

Sure, you can find separate workouts for each body part and train them on separate days, but that’s not needed. You can find a home workout chest. You can find a separate home workout legs. You can find a separate dumbbell squats for men. You can find a dumbbell shoulder workouts. You don’t want to or need to do them separately. You don’t need to do them separately with this dumbbell workout full body program. You’ll do them altogether here.

Is the 15 x 15 x 15 Workout For Older Men a 15 min workout for beginners? Yes. Pace yourself. Make sure you do the home workout exercises with good form and execution at first. Start with doing just two rounds. When you build up some comfort and stamina, you’ll want to go three rounds to get a fuller effect.

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Fitness Workout for Men

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