5 minute Butt workout in Malayalam.Buttocks exercises or workouts in Malayalam. Glute exercises.

The glutes, your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group, deserve more of your attention.
Sitting at a computer, on a couch, and in a car or subway seat all day leads to weak glutes and tight hip flexor, and that has a cascading effect on the body. First off, it can hurt your pelvic positioning and posture, leading to back issues. It also hurts you in any athletic field of play, preventing you from “extending” at your hips, essentially powering your pelvis all the way through.

Glute squeeze is essential in almost every athletic movement, and it’s critical in gym basics, too. A basic plank isn’t just about your abs; it requires you to squeeze glutes and abs in unison.


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Fitness Workout for Women

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