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THE WICKED WALL WORKOUT from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator!

#TBT to a new and improved version of a workout that I first shared back in 2012. All you need is your bodyweight and a stable wall, door, or garage door to get one helluva low-impact, whole body workout! See the full instructional video on my IGTV channel.

Perform each move for a minute with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

1. Wall Sit + Wall Slide
2. Elevated Mountain Climbers
3. 1-Leg Hip-Thrust- Left
4. Plank Walkups
5. 1-Leg Hip-Thrust- Right
6. Wall Walkups
7. Wall Sit March
8. T-Push-up to ISO (Push Against Wall)- Left
9. T-Push-up to ISO (Push Against Wall)- Right
10. Sisyphus Push (30 seconds/side)

Perform a single round as a starter or finisher. Perform 2-4 rounds for a full-blown face-melter, resting 1-2 minutes between rounds.

Please join for some more ass-kicking, no-excuses workouts you can do anytime, anywhere!

Fitness Workout for Men

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