You Need to Visit a Podiatrist if You’re Diabetic. Here’s Why!

You Need to Visit a Podiatrist if You're Diabetic. Here's Why!

If you’ve been battling diabetes all your life, chances are you’re already seeing a podiatrist. But if you’ve just been diagnosed with the disease, you’re probably still wondering why your doctor recommended you go visit a podiatry clinic.

Visit a Podiatrist if You’re Diabetic

If you’re still clueless as to what a podiatrist does and how seeing one will help your condition, this piece can help you.

Podiatry is basically the treatment of the foot and the ailments it experiences. The doctors who specialize in this field are called podiatrists or simply, foot doctors. Podiatrists check your foot, ankles, and sometimes even legs for treatment.

As you already know, diabetes and your feet are, in many ways, connected. Why? If you have diabetes, whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2, your feet are always one of the most affected areas of your body. That’s the main reason why you’re being told to make a trip to a Melbourne podiatry clinic.

If everything is still unclear to you, let us expound even more. In this piece we’re listing the major reasons why you need to visit a podiatrist if you’re diabetic. After a three-minute read, you’ll be enlightened and convinced to book that appointment.

Blood Flow Assessment in Your Body

Whether you’re diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, this disease will certainly affect the circulation of blood in your body. The excessive sugar molecules clog up the wall of your arteries which make the path for your blood narrower.

So what’s the connection with your feet? Well, your feet are the body parts that are farthest from the heart. Because of that, they also receive the least amount of blood, in a much slower space.

As you already know, blood is such a vital component of the body because it transports oxygen head to toe and helps in the healing processes. And insufficient supply of blood throughout the body can cause a lot of complications.

That’s why podiatrists exist. They will check the current condition of your blood flow. Sometimes, just by looking at your skin tone and overall appearance they would already know.

In addition to that, they can also distinguish whether you have a healthy heartbeat or not just by feeling the two major pulses on your feet.

Examine Whether You Still Feel Sensations on Your Feet

You Need to Visit a Podiatrist if You're Diabetic. Here's Why TodayAside from blood, diabetes also negatively impacts the nerves. The myelin sheath, which protects the nerve fibers, cannot absorb too much sugar.

If it happens, the myelin sheath will soon be destroyed, exposing the nerve fibers. Once exposed, these fibers will be desensitized which will ultimately result in numbness. You won’t be able to feel heat, vibrations and even pain.

While you may think that not feeling any pain is good, it’s actually harmful. When you’re numb, you won’t know whether you already have bruises and cuts. This will cause you to care less. If these cuts go untreated, anything can go south from there.

That’s why it’s important to see a podiatrist. They will give you proper assessment and advice regarding your condition.

Check the Condition of your Skin and Nails

Enough supply of blood works magic to your body. If you have a good blood flow, it can keep your skin and nails healthy. But since diabetes impedes your blood supply, your skin and nails will be hugely affected.

If you consult a podiatrist, they will be able to tell if you need to be treated for warts, calluses, corns, and lesions. It’s also important to know if you have fungal infections or ingrown nails so you will be treated immediately.


If you have diabetes, you might want to look for a podiatry clinic near your area. Because going to the foot doctor is as important as visiting your general physician. And if your doctor recommends you go to see one, book an appointment right away.

This way, your feet will be assessed and treated immediately to avoid complications and infection in the future.

You Need to Visit a Podiatrist if You're Diabetic. Here's Why!


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