Implementing this 3-day exercise plan is a great way to help children abandon sedentary habits. Cardiovascular exercises have important benefits for general fitness, burn many calories, in addition to improving cardiorespiratory endurance. That means their heart and lungs will be in good shape!

Combine this exercise plan with a healthy diet and observe that children will have a considerable improvement in their mood and a greater willingness to complete daily tasks, such as studying at home and keeping their room tidy.

Try this cardio workout today and feel free to use it every week! And if you want to receive new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, be sure to subscribe to the channel! Good luck and let’s begin the workout!?

00:00 Body Rotations
00:47 Arm Circles
01:24 Diagonal Abs Left
02:13 Diagonal Abs Right
03:02 Rest
03:25 High Step March
04:13 Rest
04:30 Hand Claps
05:10 Rest
05:28 High Knee Chops Left
06:13 Rest
06:31 High Knee Chops Right
07:16 Rest
07:49 High Step March
08:37 Rest
08:55 Hand Claps
09:35 Rest
09:52 High Knee Chops Left
10:38 Rest
10:55 High Knee Chops Right
11:41 Rest
12:13 High Step March
13:01 Rest
13:19 Hand Claps
13:59 Rest
14:16 High Knee Chops Left
15:02 Rest
15:19 High Knee Chops Right
16:05 Rest
16:47 Jumping Jacks
17:31 Rest
17:49 Running Man
18:29 Rest
18:47 Ski Hops
19:29 Rest
19:47 Squat And Kick
20:57 Rest
21:30 Jumping Jacks
22:13 Rest
22:31 Running Man
23:12 Rest
23:29 Ski Hops
24:11 Rest
24:29 Squat And Kick
25:39 Rest
26:12 Jumping Jacks
26:56 Rest
27:13 Running Man
27:54 Rest
28:11 Ski Hops
28:54 Rest
29:11 Squat And Kick
30:22 Rest
30:54 High Step March
31:43 Rest
32:00 Hand Claps
32:40 Rest
32:57 High Knee Chops Left
33:43 Rest
34:00 High Knee Chops Right
34:46 Rest
35:03 Jumping Jacks
35:47 Rest
36:05 Running Man
36:45 Rest
37:03 Ski Hops
37:45 Rest
38:03 Squat And Kick


Fitness Workout

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