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How to create your own workout/fitness plan, don’t waste your money buying other peoples plans when you can easily create one yourself, here are all my tips, tricks and even a free workout plan to follow!

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→ FREE Workout Plan:

Legs & Butt
10 minute HIIT 30sec Jog – 30sec Sprint
5 minute uphill walk
12 Squats 20kg+ x 3
24 Walking Weighted Lunges x 3
12 Weighted Bridge raises x 3
24 Weighted steps x 3

Chest & Biceps
10 minute Rower HIT
15 Press ups x 3
10 Weighted Chest Fly x 3
10 Weighted Bicep Curls x 3
24 Walking Plank x 3

Back & Triceps
HITT, 15 Burpees, 100 skips x 10 sets
10 Weighted Deadlift x 3
12 Bent over row x 3
15 Single arm row x 3
5 pull-ups x 4
15 Tricep Dips x 3

Shoulders & Core
20 minute steady state run
12 Weighted Shoulder Press x 3
10 Weighted Clean & Press x 3
60 Hill Climbers
60 Russian Twists
30 Side Crunches each side
1 minute plank

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