18 Pairs of Cycling Shoes That Fit the At-Home Peloton Bike

Now that you’ve bought an at-home Peloton bike, you get to splurge on all the accessories — the most important being a pair of Peloton-friendly shoes that match the bike’s tread dimensions. Before you start shoe shopping, though, it’s crucial to research what shoes are and aren’t compatible with your bike. If you’ve previously taken cycling classes in a Peloton studio or other atelier, the shoes you have may be a two-bolt shoe, which is not compatible with an at-home Peloton bike.

In order to ride your bike, your shoes will need to be able to attach to Delta-compatible cleats. The easiest way to find out if your shoe is compatible with your new bike is by flipping them over to reveal the screw outline on the sole of the shoe. Two adjacent holes mean a two-bolt shoe: not good. For an at-home bike, you’ll want a triangle made out of three holes. These are called three-bolt cycling shoes. Cleats (the bracket on the shoe that connects to the pedals) are available for an additional charge on Peloton’s website for three-bolt shoes that don’t include cleats. Check out the three-bolt gallery ahead for a stress-free shoe-shopping experience.


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