5 Pocket-Size Compact Tampons to Count On During Your Period

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Whether or not you choose to keep your tampons discreetly tucked away while walking to the bathroom is a personal choice — but you definitely shouldn’t feel like menstruating or using menstrual-care products is something to hide. Periods should never be taboo. That all being said, there is still a lot of undeniable convenience to compact tampons.

Because many compact tampons feature applicators that slide out and click into place when you’re ready to use them, they fit better in pockets, which, on top of providing a little more privacy, is generally more helpful if you want to keep your hands free or don’t feel like carrying a bag. Personally, I find them helpful when I’m packing for a trip and am attempting to fit all of my toiletries and health essentials into one small cosmetics case. I also find that full-size tampons sometimes poke through the wrappers when I carry them in my bag, rendering them unusable — another reason I prefer compact tampons.

These tampons aren’t anything new or unique; most brands have offered the compact format for years.

Still, whether you’ve never tried one before, need a restock before your next period, or simply want to try a new tampon brand, this roundup of five compact tampons offered on Amazon will come in handy.

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