How Does Brooke Reese, Apple Music Radio Host, Sleep at Night?

POPSUGAR’s How Does She Sleep at Night takes a peek under the covers of admirable women’s wind-down routines to reveal their nightstand staples, sleep schedules, and dream lives.

Brooke Reese isn’t the type to turn in early. “Pre-quarantine, I was always at dinners and going to shows,” she said. “[If] I’m falling asleep before 1:00 AM, I’m on a good schedule.” Reese, who hangs out with musicians for a living — she interviews then on the regular on Apple Music’s The Chart Show and Pop Hits Radio — just isn’t overly precious about sleep. “I am a stomach sleeper, which you’re not supposed to be,” she told POPSUGAR. “They say ‘It’s so bad for your arm and your neck!’ And I’m just like, ‘That’s how I do it, so let me live.'”

Obviously, the native Angeleno’s typical nights out on the town have been on hold during the pandemic. But while Reese might not be out until the early morning hours checking out new bands or traveling for work, she’s also not interested in holding herself to some new, super-regimented sleep schedule while she’s staying at home. “You can’t put pressure on yourself during this time,” she said. “Would I sleep till 10:00 in the morning on a normal work day? No. But if I went to bed really late, or I couldn’t sleep, or I woke up in the middle of the night multiple times, I don’t want to suffer, you know what I mean? I want to make sure that my motor skills can keep up and I’m not sluggish.”

So, how does this noted night owl relax and drift off? Read on to find out:

Create Your Own Bed Buffet

Reese likes options when it comes to her bedding. It starts with her double comforter situation. “I have a down comforter and a cute one to make the bedroom look nice. Sometimes, I’ll fold one back, because it can get a little warm with another human in the bed,” she said. “I have three pillows that I sleep with at night, because it depends on what I want. Sometimes, I have the super soft one. [Editor’s note: I’d suggest giving Brooklinen’s “soft and squishy” plush version a try for yourself ($59-$79).] Sometimes, I have one that’s a little bit more firm if I want to sit up a little bit in bed and then maybe just fall asleep.”

Drive-Through Jammies

Reese is a big fan of Target’s PJ offerings, which often double as loungewear during her more casual work days at home. “Target has the drive-up app now, so you can order stuff from there and then just pop your trunk. You don’t have to go into the store. And then you have new jammies and a new sweatsuit outfit for at home whenever you want it,” she said. “The best part is, my girlfriends, they’ll DM me and be like, ‘I’m wearing those, too, right now!'” One of Brooke’s recent fave finds? This tie-dye long sleeve and shorts pajama set ($24).

Just What the Dr. (Teal’s) Ordered

“I shower at night. That’s my to-relax thing,” Reese said. Lately, she’s been reaching for Dr. Teal’s scrub ($5), which comes in spa-like eucalyptus and lavender scents. “The smell is really nice under the really hot water. And then I just scrub my little body down.”

Sounds to Fall Asleep To

“I live in an apartment. I don’t live in a house. And when you live in an apartment, sometimes you hear neighbors, or sometimes, I hate when it’s just too quiet,” Reese said. She turns to (you guessed it!) Apple Music ($10 for a monthly subscription) to help her strike the right balance of noisiness at night. “If you go to the browse tab and just go to the bottom, there’s a sleep tab. And there’s all of these different playlists. They have a “White Noise” playlist — it’s rain or different sounds. And then I like “Acoustic Hits”, because it’s more John Mayer-esque type songs, which I really, really enjoy. It’s just nice, mellow music to kind of relax you and put you in that mood.”

Scrolling the Feed for Food

Reese’s favorite late-night habit is watching food videos on Instagram before she goes to sleep. “That’s kind of my wind down, because I love to cook and I always have,” she said. “I just go through them and I’m like, ‘Oh, that looks good.’ And I’ll save it and mark it, so that way, I can make it during the week for me and my boyfriend.” Some of the accounts Reese most frequently turns to for inspiration are @ThePastaQueen and @TiffyCooks.

How Many Candles is Too Many Candles? Trick Question.

“I love candles. I light them all over my house. I have this one candle that I’m obsessed with from Sun Dip Candle Company ($19). It’s a small business that’s owned by one of my girlfriends,” she said. “I literally will have at least four candles lit at a time. One in the living room, one in the dining room. I light one in the bedroom. Maybe I’ll light one in the bathroom.”

“I’m a person who has to have a TV in the bedroom,” Reese said. Lately, she’s been rewatching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix ($9 for a monthly subscription). “I love, on the weekends, to wake up and just kind of be in bed for a bit before I get up and go enjoy the rest of the house. There’s nothing like opening the window, getting some fresh air, the sun’s coming in . . . And if you don’t want to leave your bedroom, I think you’ve done a pretty good job of making it comfortable.”


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