Armed for Spring: How To Get Bigger Arms

Ever wonder how to get bigger arms or how to get slimmer arms? Everyone want’s slender, toned arms, but many of us simply don’t know how to achieve them. Check out this expert workout that will give you that toned look!

How to get bigger arms 101

One of my worst exercise nightmares is a lady approaching me at the gym and getting right in my face while uttering, “What do I do about my chicken wing arms?”

Then she shows me. This nightmare usually goes one of three ways:

  1. With me giving an explanation that the body doesn’t pick and choose where to burn fat
  2. With me showing her every triceps exercise imaginable
  3. With me smiling politely and wishing the conversation would end

The way your arms look is a big deal, particularly when you want to wear your favorite sleeveless shirt or dress. However, if you’re thinking of showing your arms to anybody while seeking advice, please don’t. In my experience, it’s awkward and slightly embarrassing.

Instead do these exercises below in the comfort of your own home to get rocking arms that you’ll be happy to show off when the weather starts getting warmer.

Do this routine now, and the next thing you know, people will asking you for arm advice.


Pick one exercise from each section and perform as a circuit, completing two-three rounds. Rest as little as possible between each exercise. Do this at the end of your usual workout or on your off days to get some extra volume in. Either way, get after it and have some fun.


Hammer curl – Doing either of the above variations with palms facing towards each other to emphasize the lateral forearm and for a change of pace.

Isometric biceps curl – Using a resistance band or dumbbells, curl one arm to a 90-degree angle and hold. On the other hand, do 15 biceps curls as described above. Then switch hands and repeat the sequence on the other hand. Feel the burn, baby.


Incline close grip pushups – A solid incline base like a kitchen bench or chair armrest works best. Place hands shoulder-width apart and get into a solid pushup position. Lower yourself down slowly until you feel your upper arms by your side and push back up explosively. Do anywhere between eight-twelve reps depending on your strength level.

Single arm overhead triceps extension Standing on a light resistance band with both feet and holding one handle, bring your bent arm to your ear. Extend elbow overhead, keeping your elbow close to your head and concentrating on the lockout. Do 12 – 15 reps on both arms. A dumbbell can be substituted for this movement, too.

Lying two-way triceps extension – Lie face up on the floor, holding one dumbbell facing towards and above your head. Lower the dumbbell down to your ear and extend. Then with the dumbbell facing away from you lower the dumbbell to your opposite shoulder and then extend. That’s one rep. Do eight-twelve reps on both arms.


Front Plank shoulder tap Get in a strong pushup position with your wrists underneath the shoulders. Then take one hand of the ground and tap the front of your opposite shoulder and return to the start. Then do the other side. Keep alternating sides for 30 – 60 seconds.

Bent over I, Y, T Hinge your hips back and lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the ground. Your back should be straight from head to butt and you should feel the tension in the hamstrings. With arms hanging down and thumbs point forward, raise your arms until they’re by your head and return to the start. Then raise your arms into Y and return to the start. Last but not least raise your arms until they form a T. That’s one rep. Do anywhere between five-eight reps.

Single arm in and outs (resistance band or dumbbell) – Standing tall holding the weight in one hand do a front shoulder raise. Return to the start and then do a lateral raise, going no further than shoulder height with both raises. That’s one rep. Do anywhere from six-eight reps on each arm.


So when thinking about how to get bigger arms, now you know! Do this routine two or three times a week for best results. With a little hard work, dedication, persistence, and sweat, better-looking arms will be within your reach.

You may end up needing a license for those guns. 🙂

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