How to Maximize KEGELS Strength GAINS – for MEN!

These 5 Kegels training tips for men will maximize your Kegel strength gains to help you get results. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle guides you through key pelvic floor muscle training techniques for strengthening your pelvic floor. These tips progress Kegel exercises for maximum pelvic floor strength gains and real life benefits. Kegel strength exercises for men can improve bladder control and erectile dysfunction.

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Kegels for Beginners Video:
Kegels for Erectile Dysfunction:

Learn how to maximise your Kegel exercises and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with these key pelvic floor muscle training principles. Pelvic floor muscle training is very similar to general muscle strength training or weight training in the gym. These exercises are not weighted which means that you need to use techniques to correctly overload the pelvic floor muscles during training.

This Kegels video guides you step by step through:

*How to do Kegel exercises for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles – focusing on using your maximum effort during your exercises.
*Best positions for your Kegels strength training – progressing your training from anti gravity positions such as lying down to upright positions where the pelvic floor muscles are required to work harder against the downward force of gravity.
*How many Kegel exercises to do – focusing on how many Kegels to do to acieve pelvic floor muscle overload and induce strength gains (see below).
*How long to rest – discussing the importance of resting between Kegel exercises (repetitions and sets) for pelvic floor muscle recovery and maximizing exercise performance.
*Functional pelvic floor training – involves doing Kegels and training the pelvic floor muscles for real world events to overcome pelvic floor problems such as bladder leakage and erectile dysfunction.

Kegels for Men Strength Training Prescription

– 9 Kegel exercises/set (i.e. 3 exercises lying down, 3 exercises sitting and 3 exercises standing)
– 2 sets/day (i.e. total 18 Kegel exercises)
– Hold each exercise up to 10 seconds
– Perform exercises with maximum effort
– Exercise at least 2-3 days of the week

This is a Kegels guide only and will vary according to individual muscle strength and endurance.



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