Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 10

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Kris is just four weeks from his first half-Ironman, but still on the road in London. So of course, he goes out of his way to see the sights. No, not Big Ben and London Bridge—it’s the lap pool from the London Olympics! And what’s more, he swims and lifts there. Who says that vacation and training can’t go hand in hand?

Of course, Kris also has a few treats lined up during his travels that you probably don’t, like personalized coaching from elite IFBB pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the workout, print it out, and follow it to the letter!

Does that mean the whole week is a walk in the park? Definitely not. This week, Kris also does something you’ll never see him do: give up on a workout halfway through. He also goes for an epic bike ride with an elite triathlete for the first time. If you want to know how it turns out, you need to watch.

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 10:

  • At a gym that’s crowded or limited, but has weight plates? Remember, you can use plates in place of dumbbells in your training. Kris finds that the stabilization challenge of lifting plates helps carry over to swimming.
  • Traveling? Get a workout in as soon as you can after you land. It doesn’t have to be much. Just get the blood flowing. Kris swears by it, and he’s far from alone.
  • Are you locking out on your presses? If swimming is your goal, you should be. Swimming demands a strong lockout, so don’t limit yourself here.
  • If you’ve only been swimming in a 25-meter pool so far, do yourself a favor and try a 50-meter pool as well. But expect it to be hard! Kris changes his whole approach to scheduling his day to help get the most out of his special trip to a 50-meter.
  • Kris swears by his glutamine, but especially while training on the road. Are you taking your supps with you when you’re out, or leaving that up to chance? If you have elite goals, they require serious planning.
  • Home by 9:30, eating a good dinner, and in bed by 10-ish? That’s Kris’ approach. Clean living is underrated.

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