Nike Trainer Shares the 5 Upper-Body Exercises You Should Do to Master Your First Pull-Up

It’s never too late to tackle new fitness goals! If mastering your very first pull-up is on your to-do list, Nike trainer and muay thai boxer Nesrine Dally shared the five moves she recommends doing to build the upper body strength you need. She said in the caption that while pull-ups are tough, “with the right drills, coaching, and practice, they can be all yours!” Here are the five pull-up exercises:

  1. TRX low rows
  2. Scapular retractions and dead hangs
  3. Iso holds
  4. Negatives
  5. Three-position Iso hold

Watch the video to learn how to do each exercise correctly. She said these are tried and tested drills she’s given to many of her clients, and one client mastered their first pull-up after one month of doing these drills! Dally said, “Anything is possible when you want it and have the right guidance. Let’s get it!”


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