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FULL BODY TOTAL GYM WORKOUT PLAN | Muscle Building | Beginner to Advance

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This video goes over a total body workout program / routine that explains an easy path to using either Total Gym (Weider Ultimate Body Works) to get results (improved muscle definition, strength, flexibility). I’ve demonstrated every exercise in this 3 day program. I tried to pick exercises for this program that are suitable and tailored for all ages and levels (from beginner to advanced). No extra add ons are needed and the workout is compatible with a variety of models.

Link to older “routine” video:
Link to older “core” video where I actually did show you guys the back extension in this video and get into back/core exercises to alleviate back pain:

0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Explanation of Workout Template
2:38 – Workout 1 Circuit 1
4:41 – Workout 1 Circuit 2
6:08 – Workout 1 Circuit 3
7:22 – Workout 2 Circuit 1
9:18 – Workout 2 Circuit 2
10:26 – Workout 2 Circuit 3
11:34 – Workout 3 Circuit 1
13:24 – Workout 3 Circuit 2
14:53 – Workout 3 Circuit 3
16:00 – Frequency (What to do days of the week)

Stuff I use and recommend:

Weider Ultimate Body Works supports 250lbs:
Total Gym Models
Total Gym G1 Model supports up to 300lbs:
G3 Model supports up to 300lbs:
G5 Model supports up to 375lbs:
Low Budget Multi-Use Squat Rack:
Cap Squat Rack / Pull up Bar:
TRX Suspension Bands in Video: or
Olympic Rings:
Perfect Pushups:
Fitness Pulley:
Dumbbells I recommend (occasionally higher weights are out of stock)
Link to Powerblocks that I use:
Resistance Bands I use. Write a review and they send you $20 Amazon gift card
Good Bench:
Handles I use with my Ultimate Body works:

Cardio Equipment I use

Concept 2 Rower:
Assault Bike:
ButcherBox.Com Get $15 Credit towards first purchase & help feed my kids! Also usually can be applied to their other discounts. Use this link:

Fitness and Health Supplements I use:

Whey Protein:
Vitamin K2 :
Fish Oil:
Vitamin D:
Colloidal Silver:

Paypal Donations that go back into YouTube:
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