What is the Best Massage Gun for Post-Workout?

What is the Best Massage Gun for Post-Workout

We’ve experienced rapid advances in technology within the past few years. Today, post-workout muscle stiffness and soreness can be relieved using a simple massage gun. This portable machine is designed to mimic a professional masseuse. Massage guns produce fast and deep percussions that enhance blood circulation and eliminate lactic acid from muscles.

Check Out This Best Massage Gun

Theragun Pro massage guns stand out as being one of the best massage guns available in the market. TechAwards compared them to their closest match (the Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns).

Here are some reasons why the Theragun Pro is the best massage gun for post-workout.

Unique design

It has an efficient and comfortable triangular-shaped handle. This design allows you to reach muscles not easily accessible (like back muscles). You won’t need to pose in awkward and uncomfortable positions to reach far areas of your body. Simply change the gun’s holding position and access all the hard-to-reach body parts.

Powerful motor

The Theragun has a force of 60 pounds. This is very effective in breaking deep-seated muscle knots at a faster rate and promoting faster muscle recovery. With such an impounding force, deep blood vessels are also accessed, stimulating circulation and increasing muscle flexibility.

What is the Best Massage Gun for Post-WorkoutDeeper stroke

The percussions from the gun penetrate to a depth of 16mm into muscular tissue. Deeper penetration ensures that up to 60% of the muscle tissue is reached. It is able to reach the deep blood vessels, enhance blood circulation and eliminate lactic acid.

Embedded muscle scars that may not be easily accessible by light massages are also hit with the device. If you are looking for a deep and intense muscle massage experience, then this is the best massage gun for you.

Long battery life

The gun has two interchangeable Lithium batteries with a battery life of about 300 minutes. These batteries have a relatively short recharge time of about 75 minutes. The extra battery offers a backup power source during massage sessions.

The battery’s long life and short recharge time is very convenient for everyday users. It gives enough time for massaging your tense muscles without having to stop in between the sessions to recharge.

Wireless charging

There is a new technology that allows the massage gun to be charged with a wireless charger. The gun is placed in a stand from which its battery is charged. You don’t have to deal with the cords or pins of ordinary chargers.

Numerous head attachments

The gun comes with six customizable foam attachments. You can use different vibration settings for various body parts. For instance, muscles that overlay bones will need a super-soft head attachment as compared to a standard ball for general muscle use.

The head attachments are also easy to clean since they are made using non-porous material.

Adjustable speeds

The Theragun Pro is able to deliver about 1750-2400 percussions per minute. To control the speed of the percussions, the device comes with 5 speed settings to choose from. You can set a speed that is comfortable for your different muscles.

Smart functionality

The gun can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Therabody app is meant to be used with this massage gun. This app allows you to adjust various settings of the massage gun to your liking. The app also gives you guidelines on how to use the device, making it easier for beginners to use.

OLED screen

The gun has an in-built screen that broadcasts the various speed settings. This gives you visual control during the massage sessions. You can clearly see and adjust speed settings to your preferred rate.

Lower noise levels

Massage guns have powerful motors which produce a lot of noise. This noise makes some of them uncomfortable to use in public areas, during the night or early mornings. In this regard, the Theragun Pro is 55% quieter as compared to other massage guns. You can use it in public or within your home without worrying about disturbing the people around you.

Quality carrying case

The massage gun comes with a quality case. You do not have to worry about buying a case for the massage gun. The hard case also protects the gun from damage that may occur if carried in ordinary bags.

Easy to carry

It weighs about 3 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and walk around with. You can take it anywhere you’d like, whether it’s to work or to a long vacation overseas.

Long warranty

The gun has a warranty of two years, which makes it outstanding. This warrant covers the charger and device from any damage or defect.


The Theragun Pro is everything you need for post-workout muscle recovery as its array of features makes it quite easy to use.

This massage gun delivers high-quality service and is a good investment for your money.

What is the Best Massage Gun for Post-Workout?


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