Employee Spotlight: Veterans of Bodybuilding.com

Military life demands—and instills—a special blend of patience, discipline, and tireless problem-solving. So does balancing the training, nutrition, and scheduling of an athletic life. It should come as no surprise that many veterans and military spouses have worked at Bodybuilding.com over its 20-year history. We benefit from their contributions daily and take every opportunity to recognize and thank them for their service.

Meet four of our on-staff veterans, each bringing the high standards of the military to their part of our fitness community.

Robert Shields 

Director of Fulfillment Center Operations

Robert Shields, director of fulfillment center
  • Branch of Service: United States Army
  • Years of service: 12
  • Rank and Job Description: SSG – Infantry NCO (Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, NCOES instructor)
  • Favorite Bodybuilding.com Program: Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer
  • Favorite Product: Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged
  • Why I Work at Bodybuilding.com: ”There is no shortage of passion at Bodybuilding.com, and I enjoy working with such talented people/teams. In some ways, the team camaraderie and cohesion, even in the most challenging circumstances, mirrors what I experienced in the military.”

Colin Meyer

Director of Photography

Colin Meyer, director of photography
  • Branch of Service: United States Air Force
  • Years of service: 5
  • Rank and Job Description: (SrA) Senior Airman/E-4, Munitions Systems (AMMO) Test, assemble, and process non-nuclear munitions. Process aircraft gun ammunition, install and maintain warheads, guidance units, fuses, arming wires, explosive bolts, squibs, strakes, wings, fins, control surfaces, and tracking flares. Prepare, assemble, deliver, and test aircraft missile and bomb loads. 
  • Favorite Bodybuilding.com Program: FST-7 Big and Ripped: 8 Weeks to an Olympia-Winning Physique
  • Favorite Product: Kaged Muscle Hydra-charge 
  • Why I Work at Bodybuilding.com: ”My choice to join BBcom happened after I toured the facility. I met the employees, experienced the company culture, and it fit my lifestyle.”

Arthur Berdeja

Systems Engineer

Arthur Berdeja, systems engineer
  • Branch: Army National Guard 
  • Years of Service: 25 
  • Rank: SFC/Signal Support Specialist 
  • Federal Employee Rank: GS-12/Systems Administrator 
  • Favorite Bodybuilding.com Program: Jim Stoppani’s 6-Week Shortcut to Shred
  • Favorite Product: Signature Multivitamins (Getting ready to order some more!)
  • Why I Work at Bodybuilding.com: ”I enjoy working at Bodybuilding.com because every day is a challenge. Life is boring when you aren’t challenged.”

Rick Merritt

Technical Support Specialist

Rick Merritt, tech support specialist
  • Branch: Army 
  • Years of Service: 6 years, 4 tours 
  • Rank: E6, Airborne ranger medic (Rangers lead the way) 
  • Favorite Bodybuilding.com Program: Kris Gethin’s DTP
  • Favorite Product: Cellucor Alpha Amino (fruit punch) and Signature Protein Crunch bars 
  • Why I work at Bodybuilding.com: ”I started at BBcom in customer service. It wasn’t until I was interacting with customers that I really began to drink the Kool-Aid of our culture. I now bleed BBcom blue and will for the foreseeable future. We genuinely care about the journeys of our customers.”

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