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There’s a lot of conflicting info in the fitness world around the best way to structure your workout plan each week. Should you do full-body workouts? Or should you “split” your workouts into lower body and upper body moves? Some people even take it a step further and break down their strength training sessions into legs, shoulders and arms, and back and biceps days because they feel that builds the most muscle mass over time. But for other people, that approach is too overwhelming, so they default to full-body workouts. So the question is: are split workouts or full-body workouts better? And the truth is: it depends.
Okay, but you guys, it really does depend! (Fitness experts and research also agree.) Your workout routine should be based on the goals you’re trying to accomplish in the gym—that’s always been a fact. If you’re looking to build strength and muscle mass, then you should consider split workouts. Otherwise if you’re looking to get in shape while you build muscle and burn body fat, then full-body workouts may be for you! Here are a few other reasons why we love total body workouts:

Here i am showing a full body workout inspired from Dragon Ball Z. The Gravity Chamber appears as a Training Location Items that boost success in Training. The machine goes haywire at one point while Goku is training under 50 times Earth’s gravity, causing it to jump up to 100 times Earth’s gravity by itself, forcing Goku to master it to the point where he does not even feel it.

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