Got a Full Laundry Basket or Stack of Textbooks? Now You Have Weights For Squats at Home

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The cool thing about your muscles is that they don’t “know” the weights/load you’re using, they only know TENSION!!! 🏋🏻‍♀️ #gymtok #workoutfromhome

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We believe that fitness shouldn’t fit into a box. You can get creative with how you exercise, and anyone should be able to find modifications that work for them. When it comes to working out at home, not everyone has access to weights, but NASM-certified personal trainer Monica Blanco, who goes by @asapmonny on Instagram and TikTok, showcases just how many household items you can use — and there are even more than she mentions — for resistance. In the video above, watch Blanco demonstrate ways to do weighted squats using ordinary things such as a full laundry basket, a large bag of rice (sure, why not!), textbooks, a packed duffle bag or backpack, a handle of alcohol, a stool, water bottle jugs, luggage, and a gardening pot.

“The cool thing about your muscles is that they don’t ‘know’ the weights/load you’re using, they only know TENSION!!!” Blanco wrote in the TikTok caption. She told POPSUGAR, too, that you can definitely use weight replacements for more than just squats, though she noted that exercises you do will depend on the weight alternative you’re carrying. You can try lunges, deadlifts, glute bridges, hip thrusts, and isometric lower-body exercises (holding a static position), she said. Make sure you’re able to safely and properly complete moves with the household items you have on hand, but this goes to show that thinking outside of the norms for fitness is absolutely possible. And, it’s fun!

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