The Best Chest Pack for the Outdoors

The Best Chest Pack for the Outdoors

Chest Packs are a relatively new trend in the outdoor industry. The versatility that some of these new chest rigs bring is not anything like what we are used to. Finding that minimalist-like pack to utilize for short outdoor activities was always hard to do.

Best Chest Pack

We had the usual fanny pack, but the constant bouncing restricted us from opening our stride to move faster. Additionally, carrying a large backpack on your Saturday morning hike is unnecessary. Most of the time we only have a water bowl and snack inside of it. With the backpack covering our entire back, we often get sweaty and tend to get uncomfortably hot.

While these innovative chest packs are out there and are proven to optimize our outdoor adventures, many people are still skeptical of the new design. These chest bags are front-mounted utility bags meant to be strapped onto your chest.

The biggest question we hear is, “How can women wear them?” That question was answered by someone who wrote a review for this chest bag in this article here.

The Best Chest Pack for the Outdoors Check It OutIf you are indeed one of those skeptics, we are going to break down the features and factors that made us rate the RaveRunner X/RIG 1 as a top best chest pack for your next outdoor adventure or workout.


Whoever made this put some serious thought into the pack design and shape. We have tried some other chest bags that were bouncy and lacked the adjustment needed to make it tight to our body.

The RaveRunner did not disappoint. The shoulder straps were able to tighten enough so that the chest pack itself sat up high enough on the body of a petite woman. Inversely, you can fit this utility pack on a large individual weighing 285 pounds and standing at 6-foot 3-inches. This makes the RaveRunner a true, “one size fits all,” kind of item.

GenZ also incorporated their own style and touch into the bags. You can see their directional arrow printed on the straps along with their slogan “Run, Rave, Repeat,” printed on the chest strap.

You can tell this chest bag isn’t from the 90’s with its downright sharp and futuristic look and style.


Taking a further look, GenZ thought about the user’s safety in the design. The logo printed on the back is printed in 3M ink so when a car shines on your back you can be seen. This classifies this pack as a great reflective running vest. Many hydration packs do not even have a feature like this.

To touch on safety, the RaveRunner also features a fid-lock magnetic buckle on the side. Unlike plastic buckles, the fid-lock is releasable when pressure is applied, or the strap is being pulled. Albeit it rare that you may encounter getting into a strangling situation while wearing this pack, the fid-lock gives you a way out.


Another reason this one of ht best chest packs is due to the optional hydration feature. The RaveRunner X/RIG Ultra comes with a 17oz soft flask that can be easily cleaned. This made us think about skiing season.

Carrying and a metal flask in your jacket tends to get uncomfortable. Additionally, falling on a foreign object like a flask could result in a broken bone.


GenZ did an awesome job of making sure that the hydration pack stays in place.

The Best Chest Pack for the Outdoors


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