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Live Marching Workout (Quick 30 Minutes) Exercise Walking at Home-No Equipment Required Beginner

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Join me for a Marching (Walking at Home) workout we filmed *LIVE* this morning. Skip to 4:55 to begin the warm-up. It was so much fun, and thank you for those who walked with us live. Please let us know what you think! Comment below, and also let us know of any other workouts you’d like me to film in the future. Also, where are you from? Would love to know where you’re marching with me today! Hoping to keep everyone healthy mentally and physically at this time.

Level: All Levels Welcome (high intensity or low Intensity level options are offered throughout the entire workout)
Description: Go through a quick warm-up walking or marching in place then moving front to back, and side to side. We’ll do knee lifts, ham curls, front kicks, and add in a few power bursts with jogs, skips, hop ham curls, and hop kicks.

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