Fit Over 50 Woman | Calisthenics for Beginners

Fit Over 50 Woman | Calisthenics for Beginners

10 Pull ups, 1 Push up, 1 Squats
8 Pull ups, 2 Push ups, 2 Squats
6 Pull ups, 3 Push ups, 3 Squats
4 Pull ups, 4 Push ups, 3 Squats
2 Pull ups, 5 Push ups, 5 Squats
10 Jump Squats, 1 Push up, 1 Pull up
8 Squats, 2 Push ups, 2 Pull ups
6 Squats, 3 Push ups, 3 Pull ups
4 Squats, 4 Push ups, 4 Pull ups
2 Squats, 5 Push ups, 5 Pull ups
10 Push ups,1 Pull up, 1 Squat
8 Push ups, 2 Pull ups, 2 Squats
6 Push ups, 3 Pull ups, 3 Squats
4 Push Ups, 4 Pull ups, 4 Squats
2 Push ups, 5 Pull ups, 5 Squats

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

Fitness Workout for Women

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