5-Min Different Planks to get 6 Pack Abs

Here is a 5 minute plank workout challenge to lose belly fat and get a nice set of six pack abs! These plank exercises for abs is perfect for beginners who are trying to get a flat stomach or tummy. So make sure you follow along with this 5 min plank workout challenge to lose belly fat and get a perfect six pack abs!

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0:06: Dynamic Planks
0:55: Left Plank
1:45: Rest
2:01: Right Plank
2:51: Plank Toe Taps
3:40: Rest
3:57: Plank Bicep Taps
4:47: Reverse Plank

This workout is part of a 3 part series from our playlist “10-15 Min Belly Fat Burn Program ”
👉 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXa1bMmdq-ZbxMp3lmO9k1jSkZqBdM-6o

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DISCLAIMER: While our thumbnails and title might be controversial, they have absolutely no malicious intent to lie or mislead. YouTube favors videos which are able to attract more “clicks” so that we can introduce our workout videos to as many people as we can. We hope to seek your understanding and look forward to seeing you working out with us as our only goal is to introduce to you a fitness lifestyle.

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