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We take great pride in having an awesome barbell culture at TD.

There are not many things we love more than lifting, which is why we also know that to get strong and to become a bad ass in Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting it takes a little more than just brute strength.

It takes intentional programming, building strong foundations, mastering form and technique – all of which should be customised based on your individual body type! This is why we’ve created the TD Barbell Program with the coaching and programming essential for you to achieve ongoing strength progress.

The S.B.D. – Squat, bench press & deadlift, many perceive as the ‘foundation’ of strength training.

Our Powerlifting coaches are Josh Balia & Matthew Crundall, who both had national level competition experience as Powerlifting athletes. as well as coaching experience at the same level.

This program is catered towards beginner to intermediate enthusiasts, with a basic understanding of each lift. As your strength and technique improve overtime, your coach will adjust and adapt your program, so that you continuously make progress towards your strength and performance goals.

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