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Ages and Stages of Women’s Health | San Diego Health

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San Diego Health host Susan Taylor is joined by Scripps OB-GYN Department Chairman Dr. Dale Mitchell to discuss the health concerns and changes that occur for women at each stage of life.

0:33 – What are the top four stages of women’s health?
1:15 – How should women approach these stages?
1:56 – What type of birth control options do women have now?
3:51 – What constitutes a high-risk pregnancy?
4:49 – What about gestational diabetes?
5:43 – What is endometriosis?
6:15 – What other screening tests should you have in your 40s and 50s?
7:11 – What are the different types of breast cancer screening?
8:07 – What is pelvic organ prolapse?
9:34 – In your 60s and 70s, what are issues that women deal with?
11:43 – What is minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery?
12:49 – What kinds of infertility treatments are available?
15:09 – What about sterilization- who gets it, and why?
15:48 – How does menopause typically present itself?
17:35 – What is hormone replacement therapy, and what are the risks?
19:43 – At what age and how often should women get screened for common conditions?

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