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Here is another quick workout you can do at home to burn fats and lose weight! Today’s workout is a highly requested no jumping workout that’s safe to do when you have knee injuries and joint pains.

Do this workout daily if you can 🙂 It’s a quick workout session so I’m sure that you can easily do this everyday but if not, you can also do this 3-4x a week.

Good luck and have fun working out!!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Knee Raises
00:55 Rest
01:17 Punches
02:08 Rest
02:30 Leg Kicks
03:18 Rest
03:40 Step Jacks
04:26 Rest
04:48 Body Rotations
05:54 Rest
06:16 Lateral Taps
06:59 Rest
07:21 Walk Downs
09:31 Rest
09:53 Standing Side Crunch Left
11:00 Rest
11:22 Standing Side Crunch Right
12:30 Rest
12:52 Butt Kicks
13:24 Rest
13:46 Downward Punches
14:50 Rest
15:12 Arm Stretch Left
16:43 Arm Stretch Right

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