Fitness Workout for Men

Why Fitness is so IMPORTANT for young men

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I’ve seen a lot of young men discouraging others from going to the gym.
Most people consider the act of going to the gym as cheating in the game of love.
But they don’t understand how important discipline is for young men
And how getting into Fitness can make you disciplined, focused, and strong.
Here’s my take on Why Fitness is so Important for young men.

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I’m Hamza. My purpose in life is to make more men like Adonis.
I make videos on masculinity, success, fitness & mental health as well as other areas of life that aid you in your journey from Jeffery to Adonis.

I went from being the awkward, skinny fat video gamer in high school to the party kid in university.
I was doing all the bad habits (can you guess what they were?)
Living a life of pleasure had poisonous effects on my mental and physical health.
It took me a while to get on the right track, I had to leave everything behind and start a new life, with a new mission.

I also run a podcast called Fatherless, sharing wisdom from wise fathers to a generation of boys who may not have had positive father figures in their lives.
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