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Hamstring exercises are important for the development of the hamstrings (obviously) which is likewise important for most people because many of us are typically quadricep dominant, meaning that we have an imbalance between the muscles in the front of our legs (the quadriceps) and the muscles in the back of our legs (the hamstrings). Any kind of imbalance in the muscles is the grounds upon which injury can happen or develop.

Today at Human 2.0, strength and mobility coach Dan Jones is teaching you a few easy bodyweight strength training hamstring exercises that you can easily incorporate as a warm up into your strength training program for deadlifts, squats, or any other lower body strength training workout. Follow along with this bodyweight training tutorial so you will know exactly how to do these hamstring exercises with proper technique. Both beginners and advanced weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts can use these exercises.

Remember: a proper warm up is a key component to any fitness routine, but especially if you are lifting weights or doing some kind of strength training. The muscles you will be using need to be activated and warmed up so they will work at an optimal level. This is so important when it comes to injury prevention. A few minutes of hamstring exercises before a heavy squat or deadlift session can mean the difference between successful lifts or hurting your back, hamstrings, quads, etc.

Even if your goal isn’t to do squats or deadlifts per se, you can still use these hamstring exercises as a stand-alone workout component just to develop the hamstrings on their own. As these are also simple body weight exercises, you can do them anywhere. You don’t need any gym equipment at all – except for a slider for the glute bridge. Even for that, you could use a frisbee or paper plate on carpet, or a tea towel if you are on a hardwood floor. Having strong hamstrings in general is key to functional fitness, and it’s good for so many reasons – something you need for picking heavy things up off the ground being a main one.

Dan recommends doing three sets of 5 to 8 repetitions of your chosen progression.

Incorporate these hamstring exercises into your fitness routine today. Don’t be afraid to give them a try! Remember to always work through a full range of motion, and use proper technique. Don’t rush. Always use mindfulness and intention when you are doing any type of exercise to get the full benefit. Stay tuned to our channel as we add more bodyweight exercises, other strength training, mobility, stretch and flexibility, and conditioning exercises and workouts, as well as medical and rehabilitation tips.

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