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The Eleiko Powerlifting Training Station

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The Eleiko Powerlifting Training Station delivers complete functionality to support a powerlifting or strength training program. The Prestera Squat Rack is the foundation for the training station with specifications that match competition requirements, so training transfers to the competition floor. It takes up less space than the IPF Combo Rack while providing more training flexibility as it can pair with Prestera attachments.

Learn more about the Eleiko Powerlifting Training Station:

0:00 This is the Eleiko Powerlifting Training Station
0:16 The included units
0:31 The Prestera uprights
0:40 The j-cups
1:00 The rack dimensions
1:16 The safety arms
1:49 The flat bench
2:27 The spotter attachment
2:48 The rubber platform
3:11 Prestera compatible

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