The power of protein— Diet Doctor Podcast with Dr. Ted Naiman

Protein may be the most important and most overlooked nutrient in the food world. We hear that either too much or too little may be harmful. But is it possible that increasing protein intake can be the secret to healthy weight loss? According to Dr. Ted Naiman, the answer is a resounding “yes”!

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:08 Protein on
2:23 Dr. Ted Naiman explains his book The P:E diet
5:25 The macro percentages of low carb and low fat
10:34 Higher protein and lower carb density
14:07 The concern of eating too much protein
18:47 Protein content in different foods
27:08 Plants vs animal protein
31:15 Main hurdles people face with higher protein
39:21 Thoughts on obesity research
41:40 Specific adaptation to impose demand (SAID)
46:24 Decreasing the carbohydrate frequency
52:58 The role of CGM while dieting
57:17 Last words from Dr. Naiman

Guidelines for protein intake on a keto diet:

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