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How To Lean-Bulk The Correct Way | Nutritionist Explains… | Myprotein

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An expert nutritionist will uncover the myth of how we can gain muscle without all that unwanted body fat.

In today’s episode, Jamie Wright, an expert nutritionist, tells us the secret to lean bulking. Jamie talks about how the development of lean muscle is the product of the demands we place on our bodies. How the fuel which we provide to it allows our body to recover and adapt to the needs of weight-bearing exercise, typical resistance training, gym workouts or some form of bodyweight workout like callisthenics.

So, how much more energy do we need to gain lean muscle? Jamie digs into this and we learn why we need protein and creatine in the process.

00:00 – Myths
01:53 – What makes muscle
03:34 – How many KCALs to make muscle
04:51 – Protein
06:35 – Creatine
08:02 – Beta-Alanine
10:16 – Fats
10:28 – Hydration
11:24 – Ask Jamie a question

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How To Lean-Bulk The Correct Way | Nutritionist Explains… | Myprotein

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